Bundled certifications streamline multi-market access – UL’s Global Market Access (GMA) services

Navigating the international regulatory landscape is a complex and challenging task. UL offers a simple way to achieve multi-market certification through Global Market Access (GMA), a suite of services designed to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs.

GMA means that companies can gain certifications or approvals for multiple markets without the need for retesting or working with additional organizations. Firstly, UL engineers work closely with the customer to define the most efficient and effective solution for the product to be launched. UL is then able to bundle together certifications for diverse target markets into a single, unified process.

GMA also enables companies to profit from UL’s network of experts and facilities around the world, as well as UL’s participation in worldwide certification schemes and close collaboration with other organizations around the world.

In order to help customers get a quick overview of specific requirements needed across different regions and industries, UL has recently published an interactive online map. Visitors to the site can simply choose a product category or region to start exploring.

Antonia Skelton, Marketing Specialist, UL Europe & Latin America

Access the map at ul-certification.com

If you have any questions about Global Market Access services, please contact UL’s GMA team


PV modules can now be certified for 1500V applications

The continued drive to lower the cost of large photovoltaic (PV) systems has designers, developers and EPCs looking beyond 600 and 1000 volts to 1500-volt systems. Raising the system voltage allows for longer strings, which cuts back the number of combiners and wiring in the DC collection system, and also reduces labor costs. By decreasing wire losses and increasing efficiency at the inverter, higher voltage systems also improve financial returns and lessen the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), especially across large commercial and utility-scale systems.

The use of higher voltages in PV has been limited by electrical codes, standards and the availability of products. While the NEC limits residential systems serving one or two families to 600V, this is not the case for commercial rooftop and ground-mounted systems. Higher voltage installations are addressed for these uses within the 2014 NEC, “Other installations with maximum system voltage over 1000 volts shall comply with Article 690, Part IX”.

In response to the growing need of the PV industry for higher-voltage photovoltaic systems, UL has also recently published requirements for the evaluation and certification of 1500V PV modules. The requirements examine the construction of the PV module, junction box, cables and connectors as per UL1703 and addresses potential electrical hazards associated with the increased voltage.

As a result, getting approval to design and deploy 1500-volt systems is now easier, enabling the pursuit of new opportunities.

Scott Jezwinski, Business Development Manager, UL Energy & Power Technologies

For further information on PV standards or UL’s solar energy services, please contact Scott Jezwinski


Renewable Energy Act a central theme at German Wind Energy Conference DEWEK 2015

From 19-20 May 2015, international wind energy experts convened in Bremen for the 12th German Wind Energy Conference (DEWEK). DEWI, a UL company, organizes the conference, an international forum for exchange about leading scientific and technological  developments in wind energy.

Amidst scientific presentations on topics ranging from climate impact to grid integration, a clear focus this year was on the pending EEG 3.0 regulation (revision to the German Renewable Energy Act). A podium event on the regulation gathered policy, science and finance experts to discuss the transformation of the electricity market to a tender market, and what this means for the industry. Companies hope regulatory conditions will be clearly established so as not hinder new investment.

Mr. Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economy, Labor and Transport, emphasized the importance of renewable energies for the environment and economy, and how Germany’s leading role can drive innovation at home and abroad. All agreed that a close cooperation between government, industry and research paves the way for progress.

After two days of gathering insight, an excursion was made to the Dynamic Nacelle Testing Laboratory (DyNaLab) in Bremerhaven, operated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology. It was a unique opportunity to admire the size and intricacy of a brand-new facility, and the perfect end to a conference devoted to progress in wind energy.

Heike Thomas, Business Development Manager, Wind, UL Energy & Power Technologies

You can find further details on the discussions and lectures held at DEWEK 2015 here

If you are interested in learning more about testing, certification and other expert services for the wind industry, please contact Heike Thomas


New UL collaboration provides testing to target software vulnerabilities

These days, the safety of a device is tied more closely than ever to its digital security. With software increasingly controlling product safety functions, software vulnerabilities may potentially enable unauthorized access, especially if the product is network-connected.

As innovative new products are developed to serve Industry 4.0, M2M, IoT, and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), it is imperative that the functional safety of these products is assured. To this end, UL is collaborating with the Finland-based cybersecurity solution provider Codenomicon to address safety and security concerns related to network-connected industrial control and medical devices.

Codenomicon’s cybertools are currently used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to understand vulnerabilities in medical systems and devices. UL will leverage these tools to conduct similar testing and analysis, specifically to provide Fuzz and Binary Analysis testing. Fuzz testing is a mechanism by which the communication protocols of a device are subjected to random exception messages, in order to discover coding and security errors. Binary Analysis identifies known vulnerabilities found in compiled software that could possibly be deployed in a production environment.

“Codenomicon is very pleased to be in collaboration with UL. Our tools, combined with the vast testing experience UL brings to the table, create a testing environment where security can be evaluated and measured by an internationally trusted source,” says David Chartier, Codenomicon CEO.

Radhika Chaturvedi, Business Development Manager, UL Functional Safety, Commercial and Industrial

To learn more about UL’s software testing services for the industrial automation and medical equipment industries, please contact Radhika Chaturvedi


HazLoc rules change for coastal U.S. from 2018

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) recently published new rules governing the use of electrical equipment in hazardous locations on the U.S. offshore continental shelf (OCS). Hazardous locations include, but are not limited to, gas and oil rigs, mobile offshore drilling units (MODU) and offshore supply vessels (OSV).

Currently, the USCG permits electrical equipment to be used on MODU, OSV, and similar vessels or installations operating in the OCS. This has now been superseded by a requirement that all such equipment intended for installation in a Hazardous Location must be certified in accordance with either National Divison based certification or IEC Ex System Zone based certification after certification by a third party laboratory.

In addition, builders of rigs and similar installations are now required to have a detailed plan for all hazardous area installations, including equipment specifications, installation details, and a Listing or Certificate of Testing by an independent laboratory or an IECEx Certificate of Conformity.

Though the rules do not go into effect until 2 April 2018, manufacturers, operators, suppliers and builders should begin now to ensure future compliance for new vessels. UL can guide and assist stakeholders in ensuring that they understand – and are ready to meet – these and other new regulatory demands.

UL has been providing hazardous location certifications to companies since 1915, and is accredited as an IEC Ex System as an Ex Certification Body (ExCB) and Ex Testing Laboratory (ExTL).

Jerilyn Merrill, Business Development Manager, UL Hazardous Locations Industry, Gas & Oil

For further information on how UL can help you meet the new USCG regulations or other HazLoc questions, please contact Jerilyn Merrill


Taking care of business

UL is known for its excellent engineers. But UL is also home to men and women whose job is to develop new ways to serve customers – especially as their needs evolve in the face of new technologies, new applications and new markets. For the Energy & Power Technologies sector, here are some of UL’s key Business Development Directors and a new Managing Director Global Wind.

Laith Amin, Business Development Director, UL Energy & Power Technologies
With over 20 years of experience in strategic corporate and business development, Laith Amin’s expertise covers a broad range of cross-functional specialties, including fostering organic and inorganic corporate growth in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the USA. Over the course of his career, Laith has worked as a strategy consulting practice leader, as well as a corporate development leader for some of the world’s leading engineering and energy companies. He has also been called upon to provide energy sector updates to various news organizations, and has served as a senior member of the Energy Industries Council trade association.

Off duty, Laith enjoys spending time with his family, as well as running, cooking and keeping up with world politics and economics.

Evelyn Butler, Business Development Director, PV/Solar, UL Energy & Power Technologies
As UL's lead for PV/Solar, Evelyn Butler brings over 25 years of experience in industry and business management, sales and program development to the sector. She has been instrumental in creating UL's global footprint in solar, establishing and managing key business relationships and partnerships over the last eight years. In the last three years, she has also served in a broader energy management role, returning to solar this past January with a specific focus on expanding the segment's global portfolio along the whole value chain. She is also the co-chair of UL's Renewable Energy Council, whose focus is to canvas and incorporate important stakeholder feedback into UL's renewable energy segments.

An avid traveler, Evelyn enjoys sharing new cultural experiences with her two children, nephew and nieces, as well as reading, watching movies and exploring California's wine country.

Milan J. Dotlich II, Business Development Director, Hazardous Locations, Gas & Oil Industry, UL Energy & Power Technologies
Milan Dotlich is responsible for accelerating strategic growth and operational excellence for UL’s Hazardous Locations business. Furthermore, he provides global leadership for both Hazardous Locations and Gas & Oil. During his fifteen years at UL, Milan has served in a number of sales, operations and engineering roles in the Commercial & Industrial business unit. He has consistently grown each of these business areas, while improving the technical efficacy and operational efficiency of his teams. Prior to working at UL, Milan worked in quality management at Michelin North America and managed capital equipment projects at Chicago Specialties.

Milan holds bachelor’s degrees in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from DePaul University. He is also an adjunct professor in management at DePaul University covering operations management and statistical topics. 

Jan B. Ibsoe, Business Development Director, Wind, UL Energy & Power Technologies
Jan B. Ibsoe has 20 years of experience working in the global energy and power sectors. Jan has streamlined the global delivery of professional services and solutions to the energy and power sectors for major global organizations. He has helped pioneered new technologies, processes and best practices for the global offshore industry through involvement in offshore wind farms and oil and gas projects in Europe, USA and China, and has also advised on many standardization committees. At UL, Jan helps accelerate execution of UL’s “aspirational wind footprint” as well as strengthen UL’s “dedicated growth” know-how as a key skill-set across all of Energy & Power Technologies. Jan works directly with DEWI-UL Wind to drive integration and execution of the North America plan. Jan accelerates revenue recognition through execution of additional asset management and offshore offerings, with a specific focus on multi-million dollar contracts. 

Jan enjoys working with people to achieve the best solutions and in his free time enjoys travelling with his family or playing golf and soccer.

Francisco Martinez, Managing Director Global Wind, DEWI GmbH & DEWI OCC, UL Energy & Power Technologies
Francisco Martinez brings more than 20 years’ experience in finance, strategy and innovation roles for global multi-location operations in Asia, Europe, USA and Latin America. In the last two years, Francisco has been responsible for integrating and expanding global wind operations including the turnaround of operations, bringing the DEWI Group to profitability while growing revenue by 25%, expanding operations into new key markets, leading the creation of regional development and commercial plans, and visualizing a global wind strategy. Francisco is now involved in driving the next wave of growth for the wind global business to allow UL to become the best partner for testing, advisory and certification services across the value chain of wind electrical power generation. Francisco has held various positions including global finance lead for UL Commercial & Industrial, Strategy and Innovation for UL’s High-Tech business (now CTECH), lead of UL’s first innovation process as well as EULA regional finance lead.

Francisco is fluent in Spanish, English and German and conversant in French.

UL Enhanced Mark

UL has begun introducing an enhanced version of its iconic UL Certification Mark, as well as a UL Certification Badge, to help manufacturers, regulators and retailers move more quickly and effectively in today’s 24/7 global marketplace. The enhanced UL Certification Mark enables companies to bundle multiple certifications for multiple geographies into a single mark. The Mark also includes a unique identifier providing access to more information about a product's Certification. Learn more about the UL Enhanced Mark at the Marks Hub.

UL Training Offers

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Industrial Control Panels UL 508A and Short-Circuit Current Ratings Training
2 June 2015 | Syracuse NY
24 June 2015 | Novi MI
24 June 2015 | Indianapolis IN
4 August 2015 | Cincinnati OH
12 August 2015 | Anchorage AK

Learn the critical safety compliance requirements of the UL 508A Standard for industrial control panels and the new requirements found in the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 409 and UL 508A Supplement B.

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Photovoltaic (PV) System Installation Certification Exam
8 July 2015 | Raleigh NC
19 August 2015 | Saratoga Springs NY

Demonstrate your technical expertise through a tangible measurement of skills and knowledge: UL’s Photovoltaic (PV) System Installation Certification.

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Intrinsic Safety Design Fundamentals for Hazardous Locations
5 August 2015 | Chicago IL

In this comprehensive one-day workshop, you’ll learn about the latest requirements for intrinsically safe electrical products for use in HazLoc applications.

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UL at Trade Fairs

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Small Wind Conference
15 - 17 June 2015 | Steven Points WI, USA
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Learn about our full-service global market access for micro, small and medium scale wind turbines. The Small Wind Conference is the premier small wind event in the United States. Manufacturers, installers, dealers, distributors, educators, and advocates participate in the conference.

REFF Wall Street
24 June 2015| New York NY, USA

Join UL at the Networking Breakfast on Tuesday, 25 June and learn more about the safety and performance testing and certification services that UL offers to PV Power Plant owners, operators and financiers. REFF Wall Street 2015 will focus on the latest financing developments for renewable energy in areas like Securitization, Green Bonds and Yieldcos, as well as government policy and the role of the financial community in supporting renewable energy.

Intersolar North America
13-15 July 2015 | San Francisco CA, USA
Visit UL at Booth #8029

Join Timothy Zgonena at Intersolar North America as he presents “Advancements in the Integration of PV and Energy Storage Systems” on Monday, 13 July at 12:25 pm during the Energy Storage: Technology – Challenges and Advancements session. Intersolar North America has become the most attended solar event and the premier networking platform for the North American solar industry. The event focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage and solar thermal technologies.